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Sparrosense is a suite of plug and play video analytics apps for your business.

Sparrosene AI apps are built to scale leveraging the best of Edge, Cloud,

and AI technologies.

Power your next phase of automation with AI. Reach out to us and understand how Sprarrosense Apps can help your business. 




Heavy Industry


Business Verticals

Sparrosense Safety

Are you worried about safety of workers at your Factory or Construction Site? Do you wish to make safety more than occassional audits ?

We empower you with real time alerts for missing helmets and safety gear using Sparrosense Safety - AI powered Video Analytics App.

Help us reduce your work place accidents and make your place safer and happier.

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Sparrosense Attendance

Office attendance and access control using Facial Recognition.

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Sparrosense Home

Home security and visitor logging using CCTV cameras.

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Sparrosense Stat

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Recommend custom offers to your customers using computer vision while maintaining complete user privacy.


Sparrosense Productivity

Struggling to find optimization opportunities at your shop floor ? Do you trust your MISs to capture and present true picture of the processes?

Sparrosense Productivity enables you to track people and processes fully automatically on a shopfloor in Real-Time.


Unleash the power of AI powered Video Analytics with us to measure, monitor and improve your prcesses every day.

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Sparrosense Fencing

Worried about workers strolling into hazardous zones at your shop floor? Are you concerned about unauthorised workers tinkering with your most expensive equipment? Is unnecessary crowding slowing your processes?

Let Sparrosense Fencing help you with real-time alerts. It's fully configurable edge solution powered by AI developed specifically for your workplace.

If you are a chemical plant, heavy industry or construction site - let us help you keep your workplace safe. 

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