We are a team of AI engineers and researchers helping companies solve high value problems and help extract true business value. Our products and solutions are built with great expertise and have been further sharpened from rich real world experience. We are excited about the productivity revolution powered by Video Analytics and soon launching a Sparrosense platform. Silversparro was founded in 2015, by IIT Alumni, Abhinav Kumar Gupta, Ankit Agarwal, and Ravikant Bhargava. Today, we are celebrated among top AI companies in India.


Abhinav is on a mission to solve business challenges with Deep Learning Solutions. He believes in developing technologies that not only help businesses but also create better avenues for the new generation. An alumnus of IIT, Delhi, he ventured into startup world when he founded Silversparro in 2015. Before this, Abhinav has worked with management consulting with firms such as BCG and KPMG.


Abhinav Kumar Gupta

Ankit Agarwal is an alumnus of IIT, Delhi and co-founded Silversparro. Currently, he is leading in the capacity of the CTO. A young techie with zeal to develop Artificial Intelligence from core, Ankit believes in automating the core industrial practices. He's also determined to make start-up life a cherishable experience for the young guns seeking work opportunities and tangible growth.


Ankit Agarwal

Co-founder of Silversparro Technologies, Ravikant Bhargava is an experienced professional garnering experience from Make My Trip & Wynk before starting Silversparro Technologies. An alumnus of IIT, Delhi, Ravikant loves to interact and discuss his work with professionals as well as students. At work, his supervision invites young guns and reciprocates growth oriented culture.

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Ravikant Bhargava


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the core belief of the team behind running the startup?

AI powered vision analytics is going to fundamentally change the world of business. The technology is evolving at such a fast pace that any and every task that involves humans visually monitoring or supervising people or processes will be fully automated or atleast enabled by AI. Silversparro aims to be at the forefront of this transformation

What is the company’s long and short-term vision?

In the long term we want to build comprehensive suite of Video Analytics Products & Services to enable productivity enhancement for every Industry.

How does Sparrosense work?

Sparrosense is a Video Analytics Platform which helps clients analyze their CCTV footage for process and people monitoring. Sparrosense can be integrated with existing CCTV infrastructure at the client’s facilities. The processing of videos can happen on the edge or on the cloud. The business results are provided on a dashboard and via alerts to ensure that solution delivers the business impact. Sparrosense AI Apps are plug and play and provide ready to use models and applications for frequent use cases such as Face Recognition based attendance, Alerts for missing helmets, Productivity monitoring etc. Sparrosense Enterprise platform provides custom solution for monitoring end to end production pipelines.

Which problems does Sparrosense solve?

Many manufacturing firms have to solely depend on their floor supervisors to manage their production lines.


Sparrosense enables top management teams with direct view of status of their production lines via Video Analytics.


Sparrosense is able to predict delays but also recommend steps to prevent such delays.This leads to increased capacity utilization leading to higher production and revenue without making any major capital investments.

What is the pricing for Sparrosense AI Apps and Sparrosense Enterprise?

We offer Sparrosense AI Apps on a monthly subscription model – the price varies between 50 USD to 300 USD per camera per month depending upon the use case.

For enterprise customers we fine-tune our models on client’s data and provide them with Dashboards as per their business needs. The commercial model is combination of development charges and quarterly subscription to the Sparrosense Edge and Cloud Platform. The overall commercials for such solutions range from 5000 USD to 25000 USD per month.

What makes Sparrosense unique?

The first aspect of Sparrosense that makes it unique is its platform approach. We have ensured that the solution runs seamlessly on cloud, edge and combination of both. This ensures that the platform can serve clients across geography with wide variety of constraints of network bandwidth. This also ensures that the platform is infinitely scalable.


The second aspect is the inbuilt mechanism to continuously train and deploy models iteratively. We have also invested in ensuring that models are extremely efficient requiring low processing powers – saving them GPU processing cost.


Our experience of past 4 years also helps us ensure that we are able to best leverage the latest research and models to ensure best accuracy for our clients.

What is the company size? What's the work culture like? What do you look for in future emloyees?

We are 30 people mostly comprising of AI engineers and researchers. All of us at Silversparro are deeply passionate about technology and wish to see it create real world impact. Startups have acquired a bad rep for poor work life balance. What we realized that for teams to do best work they need to sleep well and maintain a really healthy routine. We ensure a low stress and happy work culture helping each other learn, grow and do their best. We look for really smart folks with hunger to learn. We have realized that folks who have demonstrated passion and focused dedication towards a goal in their work or even in their personal life, get passionate about Silversparro’s mission as well. The other important factor is that they should be fun and extremely easy to work with.

Most challenging part and how did you overcome it?

The AI models that we create heavily depend on client’s data for their accuracy – but clients were initially very reluctant to share their data with us. We have had to work patiently over past several years to build close relationships with the clients and develop trust. Once, the clients see he value that we are able to deliver – they become comfortable in the partnership.


Another consistent challenge had been hiring. AI talent is extremely scarce and extremely expensive – so we have developed a path to nurture and grow AI talent within the company. We hire really smart engineers and train them through online courses as well as real client problems to develop them as AI engineers and researchers. This approach is really working well for us.

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