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Silversparro is building world's most advanced AI powered Video Analytics for various industries. Research Intern role is for college students and freshers interested in getting comfortable with latest advancements in Deep Learning research. This shall be a good experience point for candidates interested in pursuing MS or PhD in Machine learning in future.


Read, understand and extract insights from various Deep Learning papers
Focused research on one problem statement
Support senior team in running multiple experiments in parallel on multiple systems very quickly
Learn to work on a Deep Learning framework and get familiar with Data manipulation techniques
Collect data, Perform experiments and Measure performance metrics


Minimum commitment of 2 months for the internship
Undergoing Bachelors/Masters/PhD from premier institutes
Research orientation; Comfortable with reading and extracting insights from research papers
Super quick in writing hacky code
Passionate about building career in AI and Deep Learning
Flexibility in doing your tasks and do whatever is needed, ranging from data cleaning to algorithm designing.
Knowledge of Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Programming in Python using libraries like Numpy, Scikit etc.

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