Video Analytics for Coffee Chains



Valuable customer insights provide the best reference for
setting up an organisation’s preference. In the competitive arena today, it
becomes vital to know, attract and retain your customers. This is how.

Use case

Customer analytics is one such business aspect which proves to be the most valuable. Current market trends reflect lack of knowledge of customer insights due to improper means of gathering information. With a footfall of thousands, it is very difficult to comprehend and analyse customer behaviour manually. CCTV footage surely acts as the catalyst between the producers and the consumers. With Silversparro’s algorithms in place, the footage can be used to be track down the faces of the people walking in and generate reports of their age and gender. The peak time at which people enter can also be retraced. This significant data can further be used to optimize and strategise appropriate marketing policies.



It is often that billing reports do not do justice to the inventory
lists. There are discrepancies between the two that show either less or more
items delivered than procured. Such cases lead to losses. Silversparro has the solution.

Use case

Silversparro provides enterprises with a fully automated computer vision based algorithm to evict all industrial problems. The major being increasing staff pilferage poses great trouble to organisations incurring monetary loses and declining reputation.


Our solution simply works on CCTV footage and automatically generates reports  highlighting important metrics for the executives to know. This happens in a one-time installation process and sustains to produce highly accurate and efficient results. The solution once deployed makes it easy for the management to be  aware of any such cases using a few clicks.


It is important to know what does and what doesn’t contribute
to the business. Calculated efforts on lucrative elements reduce the scope of
failure and bring forth wide opportunities to form big enterprises.

Use case

How long is a customer spending her time in here? What is the average duration of his seating? Is he fascinated by the interiors? Is the mood of the cafe captivating? What are the rush hours? All these are questions generally asked by owners, but they don’t get answered. Now they will. Silversparro’s algorithm works on CCTV footage and derives valuable insights from it. The model analyses daily footage and produces highly accurate reports. It showcases the duration of occupancy bases each nook and corner, average occupancy of each table and much more. Such details are calculated and presented in a prescribed format, all automatically, swaying away all your worries.



Many a times do we hear about improper staff behaviour,
irregularity in works and what not. This parameter helps set prejudices in
consumer’s minds about a particular eatery based on which he makes choices.

Use case

Cafeterias are usually preferred on how good a service is provided. Service isn’t just beautiful interiors or good food; it also includes fast and pleasing serving. Virtuous, polite and attentive staff is a huge plus for any cafe.

Our algorithm does assess the performance of stewards, takes note of their daily attendance in the cafe and attentiveness towards the clients. We eliminate the role of another manager specifically hired for solving hospitality challenges.

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