Video Analytics for Multiplexes



"Dark room dimensions and a nonchalant shrug" is a common phenomenon in cinemas. It is then not surprising when reports of staff pilferage arise across such an atmosphere.

Use case

Modern cinemas house snack bars and food counters. Some of them are owned and operated by the Cinema itself while others are outsourced. It is noted in some cases, taking undue advantage of the relaxed mood of consumers, the staff at food counters indulge in manipulating bills. Often combos are billed separately, some extra products are billed, or simply bill isn’t even issued.
It becomes very difficult to keep a check on all this manually since a lot of people and meagre time is involved. Consequently, some alternative had to be thought of, and Silversparro has come up with it. We have made use of computer vision technology to analyse CCTV footage and draw highly accurate results, making them easily available in few clicks.



Retaining customers is as important as attracting them. Quality
provision of services causes people to perform repeated action such as visiting a
cinema multiple times.

Use case

Long queues at the box office, much waiting time at food counters, and fight for parking in cinema spaces together form a common phenomenon. Most of these problems are due to inefficient or shortage of staff. Any rational customer despises long waiting time. It shapes up a bad reputation of any organisation yet alone cinemas. This bad image can be the major source of disappointments and disproportionate incomes in the future. It thus is vital to overcome the waiting time and provide quality experience to the visitors. Through our CCTV analytics solution, the issue of inefficient labour and shortage of staff can be resolved. Our solution provides regular reports highlighting the rate of moving lines, presence of staff and much more. 



For smooth running of businesses, it is essential to have a clean record & avoid discrepancies in company audits. However, in case of cinemas it doesn’t happen often, where, employees misuse their authority.

Use case

Not all shows in a cinema are house-full. A lot of shows are run for half the audience of the total capacity often leaving seats unoccupied. The frequency of having vacant seats sufficient enough for employees of that cinema to occupy is quite high. These are not just used by them for themselves but also for their families, relatives. However, no ticket is issued against these seats which prevent it from being charged accordingly.
With the use of our computer vision based solution, cinemas can monitor the number of patrons entering the hall and match it against the number of tickets issued. The difference, if any, is the number of seats offered by the employees


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