Video Analytics for Salon chains



We hear complaints about staff inefficiency ‘n’ number of times. But how many times is it that we do something about it? With Silversparro’s automated solutions, now enterprises can.

Use case

Staff efficiency in any business is of utmost importance. In the case of a salon, employees’ performance determines the magnitude of clientage. Little things such as waiting period, average time spent on each client, intervals between services etc. also count. It seldom happen that employees’ take long breaks in between work. This disrupts the flow of work and brings forth a fall in clientage.  A client is likely to visit regularly if his time and money are valued in the salon. That is what counts and determines the success rate of the salon. About analyzing staff performance and maintaining records, we provide a full proof automated solution which works on CCTV footage and produces optimum results. These insights help businesses shine.



People’s preferences are majorly based on their demographic features such as age and sex. Knowledge about these preferences can help businesses cater better to their target population.

Use case

There exists an ever-changing scenario of market share amongst salons. The driving force behind a customer’s choice is the intelligentsia of the salon owners. How good a salon’s appeal is determines the volume of the visitors.  In order to call in more people, right message needs to be communicated to the right audience through the right medium, for each salon carries a different appeal. Sometimes this appeal is so much so that clients quit their rational behaviour of visiting the local salon and go outwards.  Deciding what to communicate is a tedious task. Having a detailed know-how of the audience is essential which is exactly what our algorithm defines. We provide businesses with important customer insights such as their age, sex which determines their taste and preferences.


Billing reports and balance sheets encounter discrepancies very often. These differences are detrimental to the owner’s pocket and to the enterprise’s reputation. Customers lose trust in the enterprise once.

Use case

Provision of services made is easily manipulated in bill books. In case of a salon, a variety of services are offered by an individual in one place. The cost of each of these services varies bases labour & material applied. Material costs are borne by owners against which they seek revenue from labour charges. However, it happens that staff does not report the work done despite charging clients instead keeping the money to themselves. Another case is of reporting ‘X’ while performing ‘Y’. It is (was) difficult for the owner/manager to manually keep a check every time. We have set up CCTVs’ as new managers. CCTV feed is analysed by our automated algorithms and a highly accurate report is generated regularly to draw out differences. 


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